One Page Wonder Called the Single Page Website Design

Going through the various stages of websites, the web site design industry has moved quite ahead of its time. Throughout this journey it can only be found out that general visitors don’t prefer much of a clutter within the website itself. They love something which is minimalistic in nature and simple to its roots. There have been several trends which have come and gone through the ages for the modification of the websites but very few have stayed which has been able to meet the taste of the target group. Keeping the theme subtle and simple has become more demanding for the people of this age. The trend of websites today mainly free of any clutters as it might irate the view of the users. So it brings us to the big question, Why one page design is beneficial for both the visitors and developers?

One Page Wonder Called the Single Page Website DesignCutting the bounce rate to the minimal
The biggest advantage for a single page webs design is that it reduces bounce rate. The drawback for having several pages in a single website is that it becomes rather difficult for the user to get hold of what exactly they want within few clicks. As the three clicks rule does not apply in this kind of circumstances, there is a high possibility of the bounce rate in these kinds of scenario. Whenever the readers will not be able to find whatever they would be looking for, they won’t be taking much time to bolt out form the site.

The Ideal Story Teller
The single page web design is known for its slick transition and its narratives. The seamless story telling coupled with awe inspiring visual effects gives the viewers the perfect user interfaces to die for. The scrolling effect much similar to the manuscript or an archaic scroll would draw the audience more into a perfectly narrative environment.

Navigating through the Hierarchy
Along with the animated narrative, the single page web designs follow certain hierarchy of design. The narrative of the web design drives the flow of the hierarchy. The traditional way of navigating is a much visible from one page to another. Single Page Website design has broken this tradition and made this navigation technique seamless and invisible.

There are few things which are to be kept in mind as professional website designer regarding the single page website design. This kind of website design is still in its nascent stage, and targeted towards a niche group. So it is best hit the mark hard and swift. The following lines of the article would be giving certain tips about Single Page Web Design project which can help you in the long run.

Keep It Focused
Simplicity is the rule of the game for single page website designs. So when you are planning for a single page website design, don’t ever clog it with excessive content. Stick to the core value of the brand and the central idea of the website to create the content avoiding the unintended contents which are irrelevant to your site.

Laying it Right
Whenever you are planning to bring up a website, the main intention is either to sell products and services. In case of single page web designs the purpose should always be single. Making the ideal layout would help you to drive the customer right into buying the products. It is best for the professional web designers to always make it big.

Make use of the Navigation
The aspect of navigation has already been discussed previously in this article. You can always navigate your visitors through different mediums and sites to make them more close to your brand.

Designing It the Right Way
The concept of Single- Page web design is a new one. There are more avenues which are yet to be opened for this option. So why make it banal and boring like the millions which are in existence today. You can take advantage of changing the background for each case.

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