Screen Capture Video Puts Your Business In Spotlight


Nobody can deny that video now plays a huge role on the Internet. In fact, now rates as the Web’s second largest search engine right behind Most people think online video requires a video camera, special skills and a face made for TV. However, with “screen capture” video, any small business can put the power of online video to work with nothing more than a mouse, computer, microphone, and a good idea.

Screen Capture Video Puts Your Business In Spotlight

Screen capture video does just what the name implies: it captures whatever shows on your screen along with narration. It doesn’t require a video camera, fancy set, lighting, or Hollywood special effects. If you can point, click, and talk, you can create video to use in your business. Typical uses include showing PowerPoint presentations, software demos, pictures, diagrams, flow-charts, and more.

Sales Letter Videos
You can use PowerPoint to create your best “pitch” for your products and services and then turn the video into your 24/7 online sales person. This cuts down massively on the time it takes to prepare web-based sales copy. In fact, any existing PowerPoint presentations used in your business can go online to start building your business.

Software Demos
If you sell software, you can create videos that demonstrate exactly how to use software. However, even more useful to most businesses, you can show people how to use any software to get a specific result. For example: a local printer could show customers how to get Word documents ready for 4-color print submission.

Internal Company Training Videos
Use screen capture video to create videos to train your staff on procedures, software, and any other topic. Not just related to computer activities like how to back up the company database, you can create an entire suite of training videos on topics ranging from human resources procedures to effective employee relationships.

Video Marketing
Unless you reside under a rock, you’ve heard of online video marketing. Screen capture video enables you to create videos to post on YouTube and other popular video sharing sites. In fact, you can even post these videos on your company Facebook page to share (and spread) the word with your followers.

Customer Support
Create a library of support videos that include FAQ (frequently asked questions), demos, procedures and processes your customers can use. Anything you find yourself explaining repeatedly, you can do it or demo it once, capture it, and then use it forever through the web. This creates a huge time saver for everyone.

One company has dominated the screen capture software market for the last 10 years, and with good reason. offers two products for users of all skill levels to immediately start using screen capture video. The entry level “Jing” software found at enables users to capture video and post it with minimal technical skills. The “pro” level (less than $15 a year) even enables you to post to YouTube.

Techsmith’s other software option, Camtasia, really is the Rolls Royce of screen capture software, with features, options and an editing suite to do virtually anything you can imagine with video.

Aside from the screen capture software, you’ll need a computer and a decent microphone. I recommend either a good headset microphone or a USB studio mic, which you can find on Amazon for under $100. You’ll also need a place to post your videos, but that’s really the easy part. You can post your videos to YouTube and then just grab the code to paste into your website or blog. If you need to keep your videos private or keep more control over your content, a basic hosting account should do the trick in most cases.

Screen capture video really does open up a whole new world of content creation, sales and marketing, and customer service options. If you want to take your small business videos to the next level, grab the software, make some videos, and open your mind to the possibilities!

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