E-Commerce for Your Web Brand

Growing mobile connectivity and the increase in smartphones and tablets are both helping to spur e-commerce sales in 2018. And with increases on many fronts, it’s time for your business to develop its e-commerce platform sooner rather than later.

E-Commerce for Your Web Brand

Forrester Research’s study earlier this year noted that U.S. spending on digital e-commerce in 2013 will hit about $262 billion. That’s a very healthy increase of just over 13 percent from 2012’s numbers of $231 billion. This is what we are spending on things like video games, movie tickets, mobile devices, groceries and more. By 2017, Forrester expects us to keep using our mobile devices to the tune of spending about $370 billion, and digital e-commerce sales will make up about a tenth of all retail sales.

Buying online
Although Americans have been buying online for more than a decade, the explosion of mobile devices in recent years is helping to add ease and convenience to online shopping. Generally, E-commerce (short for forms of electronic commerce) covers the process of using the Internet to conduct business or personal transactions. Even the acknowledged granddaddy of online retailing and e-commerce, Amazon.com, is reaping the rewards for increased mobile spending. By mid-year 2013, Amazon had clocked up a 22 percent increase in sales over the previous year.

Huge Growth
This large growth in online e-commerce comes from more people owning and spending with their online devices, namely smartphones and tablets. With more than half of all U.S. adults owning a smartphone, shopping has become a terrific online activity. People are researching prices online and buying more during their leisure time instead of driving around to physical stores all over their cities or towns.

Online retail’s growth comes at the expense of traditional retail store sales. But to fight back, traditional retailers are spreading their products on both online sites and in physical stores. This is called omnichannel marketing. It’s aimed at consumers who are becoming more comfortable with shopping on their mobile devices.

Your Own E-Commerce
If your business is selling goods and services over the Internet, then e-commerce is very close to your heart. As U.S. consumers get more experienced with shopping online, there is an expectation that the types of products they buy will evolve too. For retailers, this means that more online shoppers will start to search for the items they want to buy, no matter if you sell rubber band wristlets for pre-teens or larger household items to homeowners.

To start your own e-commerce activity, look to partner with a good shopping cart software provider and an experienced E-Commerce web design firm. Tying these activities together for a great customer-focused online shopping experience is paramount. Then the operating system can be used to full effect to give customers easy, convenient shopping, while helping your business track customers, and tie together shopping data back into your marketing efforts.

With this outlook, retail is likely to have a good holiday shopping season in 2018.

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