Launch Planning – Boost the Buzz Around Your New Site

So you have your brand spanking new website all polished and ready for the world to see. All done, right? Contrary to what you may think, launching your website doesn’t start when the new site goes live. Your launch should really be a meticulously planned event that works to boost the buzz about your company and the new and exciting things you’re doing! Here is a list of a few ways to announce your launch and get the most out of the unveiling of your new website (and if you’ve got some more idea’s feel free to share!):

The question you should be asking yourself (and hopefully you did this way before you started digging into the redesign and development process) is “what benefits are we providing to our users by redesigning our website?”. This will be your value proposition for your launch campaign.

1. Write a press release. This is number one on the list for a reason. It’s obvious – depending on your investment, press releases are an easy and effective way to spread the word and give lots of description about your new website, the reasons behind the redesign, and how it’s beneficial to your audience.

2. Send an email blast. If you are a nonprofit organization, you most likely have a substantial contact list that you can and should use to inform your members about the new website! For-profit organizations may also have contact lists and should use these accordingly. For example, the Massachusetts Hospital Association ( executed an entire launch strategy complete with online video from the CEO that was sent out to their members.

3. Use Social Media. Sending out general and targeted messages to followers, fans, and groups is a highly effective way to give your new website legs. Because status updates, tweets, and linked in announcements are so time-sensitive, be sure to factor this into your social media strategy.

4. Throw a party! This is my personal favorite. (um, hello… 10th-anniversary party, anyone?) At the event, let users test out the new functionality (no drinks allowed near the laptops!).

5. Get others to review (and hopefully spread the word). Identify the influencers in your community and ask for their opinion on your new website. You may receive some negative feedback, but ultimately it will help you tweak and provide the best user experience possible.

6. Submit for Awards. There are several interactive awards to which you can submit your website. For example, check out the Web Awards, Creativity Annual Awards, Internet Advertising Competition, Favorite Website Awards and probably the most famous of them all The Webby’s.

Here is a more detailed list to for your launch plan

Launch Planning – Boost the Buzz Around Your New SiteGot any other ideas on spreading the word about your awesome new site? we’d love to hear them!

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