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Key Things to Consider When Planning a Local SEO Campaign and Content Marketing

Although the Internet is a global tool, it can also be extremely focused and local. With careful planning and expert advice, you can appeal to people in your local area in a more cost-effective way than local newspaper advertising or flyer. It’s a process known a search engine optimization: increasing the chances that people looking […]

6 Best SEO Marketing Tips for Your Website

As a small business, your company website is one of your most effective marketing tools. Having a website optimized right generates a significant proportion of your sales leads, and it provides enough customer service information to take some pressure away from after-sales service. However, before it can do either of these things, people have to […]

Best Tips for On-Page SEO Techniques and Niche Keyword Research

(Local) Branding, focussing on making a memorable online brand, where your content is linked to your trade name and hopefully quality. Gain confidence, don’t fill your pages with marketing talk or try to manipulate social media. Social media requires honesty. Don’t write for SEO, write a good story or article. Most of your users will […]

Best Practices to Increase Your E-Commerce Business Success

E-Commerce is the booming business of buying and selling goods and services online then processing the payments via the web. The Internet offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to conduct business on a global level, a feat that is not easily within reach for startups. With millions of businesses going online each year, consumers have become savvy […]

Web Designers Checklist and Marketers Link Building Strategies

When designing a client’s website you must avoid the error of designing in a way that is inaccessible to search engines. An overreliance on graphics is the most common way of rendering your site invisible to Google or Bing.The majority of search engine robots can’t read text that is implanted in jpegs, gifs, and flash. […]

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